Bradkeyne International is your answer to clearance stocks, close outs, over stocks , restposten and problem merchandise and inventories. We purchase volume consumer goods. We have a network of employees and agents around the world allowing us to deploy many methods to solve any stock problems you may have.

Why are we different?
We tell the truth, We work hard for you, We have integrity and are committed to preserving and protecting your brand, We pay pro forma and we move quickly to alleviate any storage problems.

Unlike other companies, we have our own in house facility for remanufacturing, stripping, labelling and re-branding products. This enables us to handle very commercially sensitive merchandise. Where products have been made for your own brand clients and carry a major chain name, we can remove this completely. The product can then be sold off quietly in the deep discount market.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge spanning a combined 100 years of working in this industry.


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Bradkeyne International A Global Company